Sniffapalooza Magazine Interview with Sarah Barton-King of The Pink Room by Raphaella

Takashimaya, NY

Takashimaya is just one of New York City's favorite high end shopping destination and a favorite for niche and beautiful fragrances. The Pink Room No. 1 and Pour Toi at Takashimaya 

Sarah, Can you tell us briefly about yourself?
I am a designer so I see on a multidimensional level. I first began by designing textiles and of course this means colour and texture. I have also always found literature an immense source of visual imagery, allowing my imagination to wander in wonder. With my love of colour, texture, the written word AND gardening it had to lead into the eidetic experience, which of course means fragrance.

When I visit the New York Botanical Gardens I don’t just look at the beauty, colour and formation of the flowers I have my own ‘Sniffapalooza’ and write down all the sensations and aromas that I experience Add all this together and how could I not want to give all of the pleasures I derive back to the people who enjoy them as much as I?

What inspired you to create your fragrances?
My love of art, literature, gardening, textile design, colour, aromas and fantasy - always fantasy!

What differentiates your fragrance from other fragrance lines in the niche market and makes them special?
The Pink Room Parfum No 1 was the eidetic experience of my shop in London’s Notting Hill, ‘The Pink Room.’ It was so full of colour, texture, fantasy and bonhomie; add to that Marcel Proust, tea with his aunt in her garden, Petite Madeleine the roses, jasmine, lily of the valley and voila, The Pink Room Parfum No 1. A classic.

The Pink Room Parfum Pour Toi is again a literary allusion but is more personal and unique. Everyone in the niche market is special and different that’s what makes it so important. It allows each one of us to explore the realms of fantasy.

What did you find was the hardest thing about the entire process in creating perfumery and dealing with the business aspect?
It has been a joy to have been able to work with Guy Robert, a maestro and genius and then, Cyrille Carles. They both reflect my dreams, fantasies and hopeful abilities. As for the business side it is like yin and yang and although I love meeting people and ‘rapping’ I truly wish I had a counterpart who could do ‘the business!’

There must have been a defining moment that led you to create this and go public with it, what was that?
When I contacted Guy Robert and said “I want to work with you!”, he said “Let’s meet...” So off to Paris where we met and I gave him my heart and story and he was so excited in his wonderfully open way I just knew that that was THE defining moment and it would only go on from there and here I am. Excited, constantly burning with ideas and enthusiasm even though there are those who constantly inform we NICH’ERS that without big $ for marketing we cannot compete! Well I beg to differ, because it is we who have energy, drive and imagination that we wish to share with others that will take us along and we will succeed I just believe it and know it!!!

Tell me what you love about fragrances
They can exhilarate, excite, calm/meditate, be sexy and naughty and inform.

What was your favorite fragrance growing up?
Ooh, I remember Houbigant Quelques Fleurs, Worth J’Reviens and Geurlain Le Train Blue and Mitsoukou. They all seem to pervade but from different times and people but most of all my favourite perfume is the aroma of my grandmother and mother baking. Really! I think that’s why I love the Petite Madeleine in a way. Also evocative and I never want to forget those moments of close, personal contact with my grandmother and mother when a very small child .... or ever!

What is the most amazing fragrance you have ever smelled?
I know it sounds clichéd but truly......freshly cut grass, gardens after a storm, hot bread with freshly spread honey from a honey comb, freshly ground coffee, sounds like a picnic doesn’t it?

Which fragrance do you wish you had created?
So many so I shall content myself with pursuing my own dreams

Why do you think so many women and men are part of this current fragrance explosion?
There is a zietgiest that is an electric current permeating through the atmosphere and it always happens whatever the sex. There are undeniably sexual differences but the same is true in the fashion industry. It just flows and those with the open minds, hearts and psyche just pick it up and flow with it. That’s my experience anyway.

You live in America now, how did you come to that decision?
My husband is a New Yorker who lived in London for 34 years, came back for a project and I came too. Closed ‘The Pink Room’ and here I am. It was difficult at first but the energy of NY and the people, the Fashion District! I love New York and am very happy to be here!

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you or your fragrance that we have not discussed?
Just that I am grateful to them for their following, care and interest in me and The Pink Room. Thank You!!!!

Where are your fragrances available?
Takashimaya NY, (on line) and The Scent Bar CA,, Sin Scent Bar Doylestown PA, Blue Tree New York, CO Bigelow NY, Suzy’s Beauty Secrets Commack NY, Lulu’s Manhattan Beach CA, Palmetto Santa Monica CA, Top’s Secret Malibu CA Yves Fine Lingerie Roseville CA, Adejas Boutique Houston TX, La De Da Webster TX, Beauty Bar Vancouver BC, Bruschal, Germany (on line)