Darkly Audacious…

the Latest Perfume by Sarah Barton-King:

By Candice Sabatini

Question: What do you do if you’re a perfumer and the store that’s been successfully selling your two fragrances closes? Answer: If you’re the talented Sarah Barton King, you launch a third one, wish upon a star and hope for the best. While it’s certainly not the recommendation one’s accountant would give, have you ever met an artist who created, or didn’t create, according to accounting advice? No, it’s about passion.

British expat now New Yorker, creative and obsessive perfumer Sarah Barton King, was left with no retailer when the chic Takashimaya store closed last year. Her first two perfumes Pink Room and Pour Toi, were top sellers there and Sarah had been working on a third perfume for the past two years. Left with no store selling her creations, Sarah forged on and continued to work with her perfumer Cyrille Carles, in Grasse, France to develop her new perfume, Darkly Audacious.

Whether it was because Mercury was out of retrograde, a four leaf clover was found, or the stars were aligned, not only did a few of NY’s best perfume stores clamor to get her perfumes, but Darkly Audacious was finally finished, complete with gorgeous bottle and custom fitted box.