“If you like elegant, exquisite accessories, you’ll adore the Pink Room. In addition to applying
 her skills to furnishings, Sarah has also become a perfumer, introducing a fragrance line inspired by images from Marcel Proust”


“While the rest of London seems obsessed with a Zen-like minimalism, Sarah Barton-King’s Pink Room is a refreshing haven of luxury and excess. Modern-day bohemians flock to the rose coloured interior to choose from a sumptuous range of shoes and handbags in mohair, silk and cross-dyed velvets many printed with motifs inspired by 19th- century French decorative art.

Described by its owner  as ‘a cross between Marie Antoinette and Holly Golightly’, The Pink Room also offers its own house fragrance and plans are afoot to launch a capsule range of wall coverings and interior paints later this year”

“The Pink Room may seem to be out of sync with contemporary fashion trends but, in fact, it is just ahead of its time.
It is pointing the way toward the handmade one-off and the individual, rather than the mass-produced cloned merchandise of most outlets.”

“...combines the beauty and luxuriousness of silk with decorative references and an
unusual use of colour combinations.” 

press UK

 "Everybody’s cramming into The Pink Room...a small shop with big ideas”press 
Life & Style

“Love at First Whiff” press

“Sarah Barton-King is a romantic.  Her house in London has rooms painted rose red where like a good fairy, she creates things which make women even more beautiful”
press Germany

“Upon entering The Pink Room you may feel that you have stumbled into the bedroom of  Alice in Wonderland. This charming boutique, which is described by the owner as half Marie Antoinette and half Holly Golightly, is filled with exquisite shawls, bags and shoes”.   Awarded the highest rating; A+ for Service, Presentation and Quality”
press NY

“Jewel of a shop”


“The Scoop. Exquisite, intriguing, transporting. Parfum No. 1 opens with the dreamy scent   of old roses and gradually an entire delicately sweet garden blooms, warmed by the sun.  …jewel of a scent. Complex, yet soft, like floating layers of silk chiffon, it truly smells pink.  Not cotton candy pink, but the pale blush of a cashmere sweater, the luminous pink of a rare pearl” press

“For all of you that think that London has it better… Think again.”

“But more fun than just about anything is The Pink Room. Think Marie Antoinette meets Holly Golightly at Carnival in Venice.
Nominated by Drapers Record as one of five best new retail stores in the UK last year, The Pink Room sells a range of intoxicating, sumptuous scarves, silk backed with mohair, cross-dyed velvets or simply silk. Scarves transformed into bags and courtesan shoes,  everything handmade in Italy and wickedly indulgent. For feminine women and men who like them that way, there can be no better shopping destination.”
BA Concorde Briefing press

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