Parfum Pour Toi
Scene: Imagine Paris in the Twenties

Panther-like she stands, clad in a column of molten grey panne velvet.
Across amber eyes, a sliver of black lace.
Through the smoky haze her dark eyes search, wondering who she is to meet.
Dali and Schiaparelli, arms linked, loll at the bar sharing a ‘naughty’ cigarette, glasses of absinthe and laughing wickedly.
The chic and cool demi-monde drape themselves languidly across the bar and banquettes.
A louche figure glides lazily towards her, elegant, androgynous, dressed only in a smoking jacket over velvet trousers.
Electricity sizzles through the air, intake of breath, then silence.
Only the piano trills its smoky, blues-y melody.
Slipping an elegant, bejeweled hand under her elbow, the mysterious one guides her to a banquette. Their faces come together…sexy, feline…audacious!
“Imagine!” Whispers one to another loudly enough to be overheard.
Then, no longer curious, they return to their gossip and laughter……





Copyright 2010 The Pink Room